Session on Mergers and Acquisitions

Ask any finance enthusiast “One word that  grabs your attention like none other “ and straight comes the answer M&A. Mergers and Acquisitions is the major part of corporate finance world as they dictate the fortune of companies for years to come.

From 30th July to 1st August 2010 , Mr. Uday Disley conducted a workshop on M&A for our PGP -2 students. An MBA from TAPMI, he has completed courses in International Business Strategy and E-Business from London School of Economics. He is the Co-Founder of Viedea Capital Advisors a boutique investment bank. Before starting Viedea, he was the Head of Corporate Planning and strategy at Valdel Corporation, a multi-business conglomerate with interests in Oil & Gas Engineering Services, Retail & Retail space development, IT & ITES and Power. He was instrumental in multiple successful cross border and domestic M&A deals along with domestic private equity investments.

He started the workshop explaining the strategic reasons behind Mergers and Acquisitions and how it helps in inorganic growth of a firm. He described the entire M&A process in five simple steps:

1)   Target Short Listing

2)   Term Sheet

3)   Due Diligence

4)   Definitive Agreements

5)   Closure of Deal

He followed a case approach to explain the real world M&A deals. Students were divided into groups representing the buyers, sellers and Investment bankers. A case on acquisition of a product and engineering organization by an aerospace organization formed the crux of the discussion. Both the buy and sell side investment bankers were asked to make the valuation of the target firm. Students used various valuation techniques like DCF and relative valuation and arrived at the value of the firm. Then after various rounds of negotiations finally the deal was struck. This approach gave the students an insight into how M&A happens in real world and the problems faced by the investment bankers in making a deal. Mr. Disley was able to put in a nut shell his vast experience in the field of M&A through this workshop and students had a firsthand exposure to the intricacies of M&A activities.

– Finance Forum


3 thoughts on “Session on Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. Good stuff Disley !!

    Been through a series of M&As myself not as a finance guy though 🙂 Started as an employee of Aptech Software, who hired me during TAPMI 2000 placements. Within two years, the software unit of Aptech was MERGED with Hexaware Technologies. After one year Hexaware transferred me to Bangalore unit of PeopleSoft India Development Center. Oracle acquired Peoplesoft, US in a hostile ACQUISITION and I became Oracle employee after two years 🙂 From leaving TAPMI in 2000 till 2008, it was an interesting journey from small software company to mid-tier Indian services firm to a product based MNC.

    What could interesting for the HR guys in TAPMI to dwell on is the people angles during M&As…

    Prashant Shetty
    Class of 2000

  2. AAC/ Finance Forum/ Faculty,

    Thanks to all those who made this possible, especially the AAC who did a great job of following up with me and organizing the workshop along with the Finance Forum. Needless to say I really enjoyed the hospitality, special thanks to Ayyubi, Abhishek and Sashank. I sincerely urge the alumni to come forward and conduct similar workshops to share their ‘real life experiences’and give a practical insight into the real corporate world, which these students require so much (we all did when we were at TAPMI).The fringe benefits really are that you get to go back to TAPMI/ Manipal, stay at one of the most beautiful campuses (which looks extra serene during the monsoons)and visit all your favorite places in and around Manipal…

    Uday Disley

  3. Great step for adding value to the current students and TAPMI as an institute. Hope more alumni will come forward and contribute in any way that is beneficialto the TAPMI family. Great contribution Uday and congrtas AAC and Finance forum for conducting these events.

    Class of 2008-10

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