Session on “Branding” by Dr. Tapan Kumar Panda

A simple question is often asked in a Marketing class, “What is a Brand”?

On the 4th of August, Dr Tapan Kumar Panda addressed the PGP-1 and PGP-2 students of T. A. Pai Management Institute and rendered an interesting talk on “Branding”.

Dr. Panda is currently the President, Marketing & Corporate Affairs of Everonn Education Limited, Chennai. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration on “Brand Personality as a Competitive Advantage”. He has an academic experience of over 16 years and has taught at various prestigious B-Schools like IIM-I, IIM-K and IIM-L.

He narrated his previous assignments which included popular brands like LG, Woodland, Axis Bank, etc. He explained the complex aspects involved in branding by associating them to simple examples. Stressing on the role of Indian housewives, Dr. Panda said that they are the most intelligent of the entire consumer segment. In mid ’80s, through the woman in the Surf Ad “Lalitaji”, for the first time an Ad depicted the independent decision making capability of Indian women. This was a revolution in the then male dominated Indian society.

Another simple and most impactful branding concept that Dr. Panda stressed on was the Brand ‘Wheel’ of HUL. It was the first time when Unilever moved from its usual implementation of a global strategy to local strategy and going for the reverse. In a series of TV ads, the various values associated with Wheel were showed. These values included: 1. “Safai” for functional value, 2. “Jalan” for Sensory value, 3. “Izzat” as Ego-satisfaction, 4. Social Value and 5. Conditional Value.

Fig: How a brand is created

As per the current trends, consumers now seek convenience in every aspect of their life. Hence branding of Maggi has been done in such a manner that now Maggi has been moved from a Lifestage product to a Lifestyle product.

Through the brief session of one hour, Dr. Panda encapsulated the vast experience he has in the field of Branding and presented it in the most simplistic yet detailed manner. Not just the students of PGP-2 but also the new PGP-1 students got an insight into the exciting and challenging world of Brand Management.

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2 thoughts on “Session on “Branding” by Dr. Tapan Kumar Panda

  1. I was away at Hyderabad and missed the talk and opportunity to meet Dr Tapan. May be some other time. It is interesting to hear about this topic, which all of us are normally used to refer as TAPMI is a brand, and what not.

    What are we all doing to increase TAPMI’s visibility and branding on an ongoing basis? Who is our Brand Ambassador? The students, The Faculty, The Alumni or some one else? We should not stop learning theory and just keep referring it occassionally.

    TAPMI is now over twenty-five years’ old leading B-School; Manipal itself is a very good brand in the educational arena. In recent years, TAPMI is closely working with Manipal University (formerly MAHE) and we need to leverage the strengths of MU (which is nearly sixty years old). The most important task is to build on our Industry and Alumni Relations. We can not go on and on with Adhocism. Many a time, we invite these corporate leaders and alumni for some function or an event and later disconnect. I strongly believe that we maintain strong bondage across batches of alumni. They are our Brand Ambassadors and our interactions with them – physical visits, writings, updates or virtual (thro VC) or iny any other manner. Next year being the 25th Convocation, let us do something.

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