MBA – Managing Business Administration!

MBA– The buzz word these days… Everywhere you look, you will find people clambering to become the Masters of Business Administration. You’ll find people preparing for the rigorous management entrance exams, hoping to get into a top B-school some day. Getting the MBA tag has become the ‘IN’ thing for today. Earlier, people used to be content after learning Data Structures, Transistor Diodes and the working of Gears; but now, you will find them talking about Financial Accounting, Organizational Theory and Brand Management as well.

For us youth, an MBA degree is considered a fast-forward route to better job opportunities and advances in our career path, which others probably get only after slogging for 5-10 precious years of their lives; and ultimately, when they get the opportunity, they don’t have the enthusiasm to carry on. An MBA degree from a reputed B-school not only educates us about the various subjects we need to know about, but also puts into motion, Time, which had been relatively stagnant till then. Time management, being a crucial point, is probably the crux of the curriculum of every B-school.

Having thought of all this, we too decided to go down the path trodden by many a great (and not so great) man, and gave the CAT in the hope of getting into one of the prestigious B-schools in India.  And voila! After a lot of Market Research and in-depth Analysis, we somehow managed to jump onto the bandwagon that took us to one of the coveted destinations for MBA in South India.

The first day we reached the college, all of us had the same thing going on in our mind – we seem to be cut-off from civilization altogether! But then, the place is so picturesque, it would be just great to take walks here and enjoy the scenery outside and unwind, we thought.

Little did we know that time was a priceless commodity here!!

The feeling of home-sickness was setting in slowly and steadily. That is when our more experienced college-mates (read seniors! 😀 ) helped us break the ice, by dividing us into different groups and making us a part of some activity or the other, as there was a cultural show in a couple of days’ time. We were quite taken aback when we heard that, since we were used to taking time in settling down whenever we went to a new place.

Sleep took a back-seat, and we prepared the whole night for our respective events, as we wanted our first show as a team to be a great hit!

The cultural show lived up to everyone’s expectations. The seniors and the professors were equally surprised to see so much of creativity and talent being exhibited on stage! And just when we were on the moon, with happiness bubbling about, we were gently hauled back to reality! Our Profs announced that we have a ‘Surprise’ IT test in an hour’s time, about which we had no clue whatsoever.

And to think that we wanting to catch up on some sleep! Distant dreams it seemed..

We, however, realized the significance of the entire schedule. Since we were all home-sick and many of us were still in our shells, this act of working in groups from day one actually helped us get to know our batch-mates better and also to get out of our shells completely. Although sleep was the loser in the whole process!

As classes started, we realized how precious time is, and how there is no time to waste. Days came and went, with us being given assignments, case-studies, book reviews, presentations to prepare for, along with a few tests thrown in here and there for good measure!

Days seemed to blend seamlessly with nights without us realizing which side of the 24 hour clock we were in!!

The phrase “To be on your toes” was probably introduced for management students! One had to run around all the time to finish some work or the other, before some other job was dropped on you !

We had heard of the rigour, but one needs to be a part of it to realize its full force. Within a week of entering college, our nocturnal instincts took over! 3am seemed more like 10pm. Slogging till the next morning to complete the ever increasing assignments became a way of life..

The Managerial capability of time management are probably best inculcated in a B-school. It all boils down to how effectively one can manage one’s time in the break-neck pace of these 2 years. One would probably need to keep running at Usain Bolt’s pace to keep up with this Fast-Track of life!

– Nikhil Prabhu, Preetha D, Krishna Chaitanya (Batch 2010-12)


9 thoughts on “MBA – Managing Business Administration!

  1. Some expand Manne Badhu Aavade! and some said, Much Beyong Academics!! You chose a highly competitive course in life. We have the data. Nearly 70% have quit their well-paid jobs too. That is inviting challenges. The fruits, of course, will per sure be enjoyed as you move from term to term towards final placements. In the meantime, you will also witess several in-class and out-side surprises and of course learnings too. And then, we are in 24 x 7 globalised technology-oriented world, today. So, no looking back, no home-sickness, no second thoughts, but just only look forward with high ambition in life. It is all in your golden hands!!!

  2. “And to think that we wanting to catch up on some sleep! Distant dreams it seemed..”

    “Days seemed to blend seamlessly with nights without us realizing which side of the 24 hour clock we were in!!

    These two lines remind me of my days in TAPMI!! Sleep was more beautiful in TAPMI than in other places!!!

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