Accelerating into a New Future!!

Accelerating… into a new future …moving in the realms of time …moving from the world of pirates and mafia towards a new dawn of love, peace and happiness….into the future….into the 4th dimension…

Yeah…I gave it straightaway, these were the themes for Episode 2010….they set you thinking as to what lies ahead… The Realms of time takes you on a journey where you witness and are a part of a plethora of events which gives you an opportunity to explore and bring forth your talents.

The world has always been on the fast track … and pace is the heartbeat of Tapmi, it sets the campus buzzing with activity. There will never be a dull moment here….there are many classic examples…. the best being students rushing for classes….even a 30 second delay is serious business..well we are certainly learning some time management here and it`s known well that ‘Time and Tide stops for none’.

Speed exhilarates and challenges us to take up the unexplored, to delve into the deep, to try the untried…Well what all comes to your mind when you think of life on the fast track…the NASA rocket, Usain Bolt`s 100 meter sprint, a lightning fast thought..whatever it does we all agree that speed glorifies adventure, risk and the unknown…and here we have taken a plunge into Episode 2010 full of zeal and enthusiasm…maybe it sets you thinking what does Episode have to do with speed…how does it relate to being on the fast track…ain`t it pace with which the whole execution of the event is taking place….aren`t we all excited and geared up to know what else is to follow…we were all puzzled when the senies would come rushing to the cafeteria raising slogans for blue , red , black and white …we wondered if they are going to paint the campus in these colours….and whoa !!!!…this was indeed done….not just by the senies….but also by the junies as the mega event of day 1 the ‘SIGNPOST’ unfolded apart from debate, poetry, scrabble and sudoku…the first group event, and in a short span of time the participants filled the canvas of 25 X 4 feet banners with vibrant colours. Apart from this there was Kurukshetra and Wordsworth, the events for debate and poetry.

Day 2 was highlighted by Shipwreck (Save me Captain..!!! – Jai Ho Tulsi Maiya..!!!!), scrabble, sudoku, social street play, MGM quiz and cryptomania (break the code….some real mystery going around here..)

Throughout the 7 days participants tested their writing, music, dance and public speaking skills….not just that there were face painting, fashion show and a lot of quiz competitions. The final day was marked by the Valedictory function in which all the teams presented remarkable skits.

So we are moving on the fast track ……sprinting , running ,zooming across turning thoughts to plans and executing plans into actions…at times tired, exhausted but in no means do we give up….the days to follow in TAPMI are going to bring in more….

You must have heard of Einstein`s famous Mass Energy equivalence equation, E= mc^2 … where mass energy conversion is determined with the speed of light…well that`s exactly what is happening at the campus….!!! Don`t believe it ..????? Uh …It`s very simple…we are working at lightning speed, managing events and acads and our mass(extra calories) is getting converted into energy….very much visible in the form of events that we take part in …

Just to make it precise…..Life for TAPMIans has always been on the fast track…!!!

– Hima Sachdeva (Batch 2010-12)


12 thoughts on “Accelerating into a New Future!!

  1. Outstanding effort….
    Yur excitement n masti is visible in yur words.It was gr8 fun n we all njoyed alot.

  2. Very nicely put! Even we used to wonder why our senies were shouting slogans and promoting different colours in the pre-episode phase.. Personally i used to think they were crazy 😛 but it turned out to be the best one week in our first year!!
    Similar is the case with Episode 2010.. kudos to the junies for that.. you made it happen!!

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