KSA – The Fast Track of 4-D

Episode ’10 brought much more than fun, ecstasy, joy and experience to team ‘white’ – named ‘4-D’ or better known as the KSA family. It brought an ultimate stage, a one of a kind market for us to practice the marketing concepts previously handled with expertise by the eminent faculty members of TAPMI in classroom sessions. Team ‘white’ took the opportunity as a challenge to apply the theoretical concepts in a real time market for the first time; the long discussed techniques of viral marketing taught in marketing sessions and the most famous teaser campaigning method used by Frooti in late 90s, explained in our consumer behavior class. And the result was overwhelming indeed. It took no time for team ‘white’ to get the attention of every eye and the mind share of every TAPMIan. Curiosity had done its job again, much more effectively than ever expected and every student of TAPMI soon was searching for KSA through various sources. KSA, a character developed by team ‘white’ to associate themselves with, became a brand and within 2 days of its execution and the team was started to be acknowledged as the team KSA by every PGP1 student. It was the result of this strategy that team ‘white’ got immediate attention of the students and jumped onto its fast track of publicity.

The KSA strategy, known as the teaser campaigning in the world of marketing is usually adapted by companies to increase the brand recall by generating curiosity among its customers in a highly competitive market. The EPISODE ’10 along with the competitions had brought the best 4 teams filled with talents to compete in the same arena for space inside the mind of their juniors and KSA proved to be pivotal in the establishment of team ‘white’ as one of the major players.

The campaigning was inspired by the famous marketing campaign of Frooti, carried forward in late 90s in order to reestablish itself as the big name in the industry. The campaign, built around a faceless character named ‘Digen Verma’, saw a number of advertisements flooding the market and eventually helped Frooti in regaining the lost market share.

The implementation of the KSA strategy took place over a period of two days in multiple phases. The initiation began on day 1 when along with other 3 teams, team ‘white’ ran a riot of its loud promos inside the canteen but the differentiating factor was the one image that only ‘whites’ had – KSA.

“Humse kyo hain saare dare, apne paas hai KSA”, was the first tagline of team ‘white’, followed by a series of promotional activities built around the three magical letters of success – KSA. It established KSA as the faceless brand ambassador of team ‘white’. Soon after the first small campaign, an online KSA quiz was launched which witnessed large participation from PGP1 students. Each and every mailer of the team had the name – KSA on it. After three days, the first message from KSA was made public with the announcement of mega event – ‘Junies got talent’ organized by team ‘white’.

“Time is priceless, it won’t come again – KSA” was the message delivered deliberately to elicit more curiosity among the students for KSA.

The strength and unity displayed by team ‘white’, by not divulging the secret of KSA to any other student including the eminent judges of EPISODE for the next 5 days, resulted in generating high curiosity among both PGP1 and PGP2 students. Various different interpretations of KSA hitting the market and the increasing number of queries about KSA were pursued as lucrative opportunities by the team for pushing the ongoing marketing campaign into a different direction. Many of the students chose the services of various search engines on internet to find out what KSA is. Few of the interpretations of KSA included – Knowledge, Skills and Attitude; Knowledge, Skills and Aptitude; Korean Scouts Association, Names of three of the team members etc.

Overall, the first week of EPISODE ’10 proved to be vital for the team and gave an experience which none other event could have provided. It set the stage to free the trapped innovator inside us and provided the chance to practice what had been hard taught to us throughout the year. Above all, it provided us a chance to plan, execute and enjoy the success of our marketing strategies for the first time as a management professional; and team ‘white’ is proud to say that we didn’t miss it. We used every second of it to build our own fast track of publicity.

– Team White  – 4D


31 thoughts on “KSA – The Fast Track of 4-D

  1. Loved the concept behind KSA. KSA had indeed created a curiosity among all we juniors, to find ou and know what it is. After realizing the concept of campaining used by the Whites was enthralled 🙂 Loved the use of concept 🙂 Great going 4-D !!!

  2. Sleep is getting lesser and lesser but the ora of Episode is increasing.
    We had a few close…closer….closest of competitions and that simply remarks the talent of the compititors.
    We as 4-D team are a bunch of gr8 talented team mates.
    Its been a wonderful journey of Episode till now.

    GO KSA…GO…
    We will travel with time to the epitome of realm of EPISODE.

    Kar diya war hai!!
    4-D tayaar hai!!

  3. We all dream. We all dream in our own, very persoal dreamlands, with very personal thoughts and expectations. But what happens when many such “me and you” come together to the same dreamland, a dreamland of common dreams, a dreamland where we all combined can scale far greater heights, can achieve far greater things. 4-D brings to us such a dreamland.
    Let us now understand the meanings of the symbols that glorifies the team “4-D”.

    Guys … can anyone tell about the 4-Ds the four dreams of our team ??? forum is open to anyone

  4. Talking of 4-D reminds me of the 4-D’s which are a must to excel viz : Dedication, Determination, Discipline and Dreams. If we have dedication and determination in our participation in all the events, if we are disciplined as a team then no one can stop us from reaching our dreams and winning 🙂

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