India on the Fast Track

GDP growth estimated at a stunning 7.5 percent-plus in spite of the unprecedented recession.

Foreign exchange reserves at over 277$ Billion USD.

Mushrooming malls, improving telecom connectivity, booming industries.

Rivers and superhighways (concrete and wireless) criss-crossing the nation.

Radical economic and strategic pacts with the United States, the European Union, and Southeast Asia. Fast track special courts. Fast-track negotiations on nuclear deals. Fast track Young Scientists programme. Fast track Free Trade Agreements, fast track to eco-tourism! Do these just decorate drawing room talks, weekly magazines and text books? Is that all?

There is more this time!

There it is: in the passengers of the Mumbai local train, in the streets of old city of Hyderabad, in the faces of the nationals, in their whispers, in their articles, in their movies, in their songs, in their courage, in their hope, in their anger, in their will to fight, in their acknowledgement of the fact that this is much more than a boom..a feel good factor that we are now looking at a resurgent India, a socio-economic and military powerhouse striding firmly towards its rightful place in the world.

Yes, there are still millions with no access to potable water, electricity, decent housing or even good roads, literacy rates need to improve steeply and we must try hard to reduce the growing ecological ravages. But there is “hope” now! The Indian has realized that criticizing the system is a matter of pointless indulgence now. It is only a parochial sentiment.

And no amount of rhetoric or voluminous discussion can possibly diminish the overwhelming importance of the common Indian, and he seems to be feeling good now. Untouched in spirit, in soul; tears well in his eyes, but it stares these obstacles in their eye with the discovery that his hope is not only an orchestration of his mind.

E-Governance, networking communities and building collaborations between government and citizens, mainstreaming the rural people who are most disadvantaged and underprivileged, decentralization of the administration, monitoring and evaluating the developmental programmes that will ensure accountability and transparency in their implementation, people’s participation through cooperative societies, financial assistance and professional guidance to self help groups, accessibility to banking, improving transport and infrastructure, taking BPOs to smaller towns with fewer job opportunities, training the unemployed youth in vocational skills, promoting customized programs for youth and women in the age group of 18-30 years from economically weaker sections of society, and empowering them to gain access to opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and growth in the new economy, gainful employment contributing to the GDP growth, SEZs creating jobs and facilitating an environment for business, farmers becoming stakeholders in the SEZs, channelizing our resources, reinforcing and consolidating on our strengths, we are hopeful of marching forward with more wisdom, strength and ability to work for a better and brighter future.

With multi-faceted guidelines for development, enormous natural resources, abundant manpower, and rich cultural heritage, we Indians are empowered to realize our goal of a strong nation. We’re on our way and we are right on track.

The nations feels the pulses race, the seeming corpse has awakened to life and to power, and in an oddly quiet aggression is saying, “Yes, we can!”

In the Muslim neighbourhood clustered around Chandni Chowk, from behind the chick-blinds of her window, the widow is saying, “Yes, we can!”

Amidst his insistent rattle on ministerial resignations, the non-descript opposition member is saying, “Yes, we can!”

The strategy consultant, preparing his presentation speech: “We must take note of what resources and options are available to us and what is on the horizon”, is saying, “Yes, we can!”

The fancy-peddling young rickshaw-wallah who spent too much money on liquor last night is saying, “Yes, we can!”

The South Indian cabinet minister, speaking in a press conference: “We are working out strategies to propel affairs for the next decade if we study and understand the changes occurring in the present generation- which will determine our future” is saying, “Yes, we can!”

The school girls at the bus-stop, giggling uncontrollably at the prospect of saying something in unison, are saying, “Yes, we can!”

The Seth, shooing away the little clustered whirlwinds of flies around sweet-meat on his counter, is saying, “Yes, we can!”

The itinerant street vendor, packing berries for the little urchins in twists of paper, is saying, “Yes, we can!”

On the CST train platform, the clerk, standing wreathed in smoke, waiting for the 8:10, is saying, “Yes, we can!”

The flicker of candles lit to cement our belief that “we can”, the hope of the hundred million Muslims of India, the prayers of middle-aged ‘satsang’ women, the indignant voices of media reporters, the angry jostling of boys in bus-queues, the restless honking at traffic signals is saying,

“Yes, we can!”

And we will!

Team Black – MAFIA


65 thoughts on “India on the Fast Track

  1. An inspiring article on the emerging positive Indian outlook.
    Lets rejuvenate the spirit of India. Spread this message across.

  2. Like Obama’s “Yes, we can” speech inspiring the whole US, this “Yes, we can speech” will propel our team to stand first…………..gr8 work done…………..

  3. Dear Miss Srivastava (Diksha),

    I really appreciate the patriotic touch presented by you and your team through this blog. Basically, you have glorified the spirit of India, i.e. the ‘never give up spirit’.
    However,to judge the true achievements of a country let’s not look at the economic aspect only, thereby sidelining the social development aspect. If we have 100 people in a country and 2 are richest in the world and rest are the poorest, would u call that country prosperous?
    Brand marketing works for only 30% of the population. Socio-economic development of the rest is the true challenge.It’s good to get pumped up about brand India but let’s not forget that right now few others, somewhere in India, are dyeing out of hunger, abuse, injustice and exploitation.

    However, with the spirit of the youngsters like you, I am very optimistic that our generation would uphold their duty of maintaining the corporate social responsibility and uphold the constitutional principles. “It takes just one step to start a journey of 1000 miles”….and who knows…this blog itself might just ignite that spirit in a few of us!
    As Neil Armstrong said about 4 decades ago:” A small step for man…a giant leap for mankind”. So, let’s invest the best profit i.e. past for our future!

    God bless you and your team.

    Avinash Mohapatra LL.M.

  4. @Avinash Mohapatra


    1) Thanks very much for your appreciation. I authored this article, by the way.

    2) In assessing just where India could be and how best it can get there, we are aware of not only the competitive and resource advantages but also some key weaknesses that we have to overcome to sustain high growth and remove the widespread poverty—the quality of governance, a bureaucracy that is mired in red tape, and rampant corruption, for instance. We need to deal with these problems and work towards sustainable development. But people are now showing a cheerful willingness to actively participate in the working of the system, instead of dis-alienating themselves from the system.

    3) The plan and the guidelines were always there. The spirit of Indians is what makes the multi-faceted goals seem realizable. Hence, we are saying, this is no longer ‘drawing room talk’, this is ‘India on the fast track!’

  5. The Planning Commission is shaping the 12th Five Year Plan with an aim of 9% growth rate. 13th Finance Commission headed by Dr Vijay Kelkar has done his job to carry forward our beloved Prime Minister’s direction to achieve this rate.

    Two years back in 2008, China proved to the whole world what they are capable of. They showcased their talents, capabilities and determination in hosting the Olympics and won a large number of gold, silver and bronze medals too (I forgot the number, I think it was more than a total of 100). Of course, India had one Gold medal with Bhindra. And this year, we are eagerly waiting for CWG to happen.

    I always wonder Indians’ great enthusiasm watching others perform and excel like in FIFA. We never used the term YES, WE CAN to get qualified in this event but for once some sixty years back. Yes, why not? No idea. But, so much energy, money and time was spent watching a host of Europeans playing during LATE nights.

    And then, why borrow the slogan of Obama, YES WE CAN. He has proved to the world that being an Afro-Asian, and a first time Senator, what he can and occupied the White House royally. We, Indians need not imitate him or any one. Be original. If at all, we need to coin a popular slogan, let us say YES, WE SHALL.

  6. @ Srilakshmi

    Dear Srilakshmi,

    I really appreciate your spirit to make a difference. No one can deny the willingness of the modern Indian citizen to be a part of the system for a change.

    Philosophically speaking, u have hit the nail on the head!
    But the reality is slightly rusty. We haven’t succesfully used the Right to Information Act to its potential. Even on the roads, we do not report the autowallah’s bullying to the RTO. We are by nature a bit sublime and ‘status quo’ists…U remember what happened when Rajeev Gandhi introduced computers. We made fun of him by calling him the ‘computer boy’ but see what computers have done to India today.
    Hence, all I am saying is it’s time we demand greater accountability from the system, thereby carrying our responsibility.

    With every right comes a corresponding duty..let’s not forget that!
    And yes..indeed we can! 🙂

    Please convey my best wishes to Miss Srivastava as well.
    Cheers and good luck with your studies!

  7. Great work. Our country needs more people who are proud of it and are ready to take up the challenge to make it a better place for all the citizens.

  8. Yes We Can! Mirrors the determination to fight against all odds, persevere and prevail. A very good description of India on the rise. BRAVO, ADD YOUR BIT IN NATION BUILDING.

  9. I was repeating ‘yes we can’ ‘yes we can’ along with the widow, rickshaw-wallah, consultant, minister, school girls, street vendors and everyone as I read the post!!

    Amazing post! Truly inspirational. You brought out the ‘Doer’ in me.


  10. i was repeating ‘yes we can’ ‘yes we can’ along with the widow, the consultant, the minister, the rishaw-wallah, the school girls and everyone as i was reading this post.

    Great stuff!truly inspirational. You brought out the ‘Doer’ in me! Thanks.

  11. Nicely written. Most of the times we Indians just mourn our negatives rather than cherishing our positives. This blog inspires us to look at new India and to make it a better place. YES WE CAN!!!

    Good work guys..


  12. awesome!!!this blog proves the fact that the role of an article is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.

  13. Well said. It’s a fact today that due to development in different sectors in many parts of india, the common people feels hopeful of improvement in their life condition.
    Also, there is sense of responsibility among the higher sections of society towards the lower section. We need to work together to make every Indian’s dream come true.

  14. Great..!!! It showcases the true and hidden spirit of Indians.I am sure India will shine in all spheres….with this spirit…

  15. Hi,

    It’s great to see TAPMI pushing its students in the right direction. Well, about India on the fast track, it is dizzying out here for us in the IT-ITes industry. It’s certainly evident that the economy’s engines are humming and raring to go.

    Reached here through a former employee’s post to this article on FB. Grateful to him for that 🙂

  16. Great..!!! It showcases the true and hidden spirit of Indians.I am sure India will shine in all spheres….with this spirit

  17. It is impossible not to be astonished by India. Nowhere on Earth does humanity present itself in such a dizzying, creative burst of cultures and religions, races and tongues. Enriched by successive waves of migration and marauders from distant lands, every one of them left an indelible imprint which was absorbed into the Indian way of life. Every aspect of the country presents itself on a massive, exaggerated scale, worthy in comparison only to the superlative mountains that overshadow it. It is this variety which provides a breathtaking ensemble for experiences that is uniquely Indian. Perhaps the only thing more difficult than to be indifferent to India would be to describe or understand India completely. There are perhaps very few nations in the world with the enormous variety that India has to offer. Modern day India represents the largest democracy in the world with a seamless picture of unity in diversity unparalleled anywhere else.

  18. It is already becoming clear that a chapter which had a Western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in the self-destruction of the human race. At this supremely dangerous moment in history, the only way of salvation for mankind is the Indian way. Great write-up. We can and We will !

  19. Gravitation was known to the Hindus (Indians) before the birth of Newton. The system of blood circulation was discovered by them centuries before Harvey was heard of. India has been always rocking and will always rock !

  20. There is more to India than any one can see .. and thts the spirit of fight and courage .. which is corrctly dipicted in this article.

  21. Yes , we need to move beyond; rather than cribbing about what we dont have and where we are wrong , we need to change them for good and be a part of that change. Thats what life at TAPMI has taught us. Proud to be a part of it !

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