Episode’10 Kicks off

EPISODE, the first event of the college, which lays the cornerstone of the foundation that develops between the senior and the junior batch, for life and for all the future events to come, started off on a wonderful note.

The inaugural/induction session day of EPISODE brought out the spark, the creativity and the humor that the seniors had in them to the highest possible extent through the skits they had showcased. The enthusiasm shown by all made sure that the juniors were buzzed enough about what was to happen.

Four teams make EPISODE this year, namely, Team 4-D, Team Hippies, Team Mafia and Team Pirates, led by Mr Berty, Mr Thrishul, Mr Abhishek Agarwal and Ms Diksha respectively from the PGP 2 batch. The colours that the teams have chosen to represent them are White, Blue, Black and Red respectively, bringing more colour to TAPMI than ever before. The cafeteria is enough proof of what a combination of these colours can do to the college

The presentations which were done with a mix of class, insightfulness and creativity to induct the juniors into one of the four teams raised the expectations of all, and the way they surpassed all expectations was a sight to be seen and remembered!

With promotions being in place, the teams ready, the college sparkling with fervor and vibe, day 1 of EPISODE finished on a brilliant platform, with the events waiting for the teams to bring out the best in them.

On Monday, three events and the cryptically cryptic Cryptomania (an event which takes place throughout the week) in total took place, namely,

Kurukshetra (Debate) : “Are Developed Nations Responsible for Environmental Degradation?” was the topic chosen for the teams to battle out their wits and the flair they possessed about the language. Our very own Prof.Jaba Gupta and Prof.T.N.Badri kindly consented to be the judges for this event. Every team had two participants, one for the motion and one against the same. Each participant gave their views coloring the topic in different hues. While few thought that environmental degradation was the developed nation’s doing, there were others who were of the opinion that the developing nations are to be equally blamed. The common consensus all of the participants reached was, that if we were to save our world and secure our future, every person and every nation of the world would have to work in unison with each other.

Episode 2010
Episode 2010

“The earth can take care of itself. What we need to do is save ourselves”!! – Anonymous

WordsWorth: Forgetting the age old demand for master of one thing, Episode brings an opportunity to showcase that we are Jack of All Trades and worth every one of those trades. WORDSWORTH, the poetry competition is one such opportunity to show how expressive you can be while putting forward the words meant for your team.

Starting for Hippies (The Blue Team), Samiha with her excellent and a colourful narration rhymed and reasoned for her being a “Raging Hippie”. Be it excellent voice modulation or the free narration, the poem brought to life the Peace, Love and Happiness that the Hippies stand for.

Amit, from Team 4D, took us along a,”Flight through time and space”. A dream, from the birth of earth, was a journey par excellence that the narrator took us through and making everyone experience a musical play, that had all, enthralled.

The recitation of “Swami Vivekananda’s poetry on Nation Building” was filled with fiery vengeance. Srilakshmi from Team Mafia put her heart and soul, with a command never seen before, to explain the importance of, love, sincerity and patience in building one’s character. “Arise, awake and stop not till your goal is reached”

Last but not the least was the recitation of “You are old Father William” by Chandni of the Team Pirates. The famous poem from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll, parodies the discussion between a father and a son, where the son asks the aging father the reasons behind his long lasting physical strength. The narrator was perfect in portraying and switching between the roles of both father and son with minute details.

Signpost: As the night set in, vibrant colours on canvas filled the campus. Many voices, many artistic abilities merged to demonstrate the spirit of TAPMI.

Episode 2010
Episode 2010

It was time for the Pirates, the Mafia, the team 4D and The Hippies to fight the war with their creative and innovative skills, all on a 25 x 3 ft banner in a span of 2 hours. Every member of the teams, irrespective of the fact that they were a junior or a senior, contributed to the event by cheering for their teams and expressing their best on the canvas. It was a special sense of belonging and involvement which enhanced the energy, the enthusiasm and the amount of work that was put in. The entire event became much more special, thanks to the arrival of our beloved seniors, Ajit Nafde and Manish Maheswaran from the batch of 2008-2010 and the teams presented their ideas to them. The day ended with everyone feeling a sense of elation and excitement about the next day.

– Literary Committee


3 thoughts on “Episode’10 Kicks off

  1. Excellent detailed write-up on the events for the day. Episode is rocking within the campus. Wish this week never ends 🙂

  2. I guess this is the closest it comes to a live update , eh? Can you post some pics on the FB fan page ( I know u guys are super busy!) Very well done though 🙂

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