Episode 2010

The time has come once again to fight the wits. It’s the time to delve deep into the ruins of time. It’s the time to go beyond what human kind has seen !

We have set the field and you will fight for honour, for glory and for being remembered in the history. The victor’s song shall be sung, the name shall be remembered and the losers shall bite the dust.

Yes, EPISODE 2010 is here.

Episode is the annual intra-college cultural event conducted by the Literary Committee of TAPMI. It happens every year right after the new batch has joined as it is the right time to break the ice between the juniors and seniors. It consists of almost 25 events such as creative writing, debate, ad making, social skit, poetry writing, music, dance etc., over a period of a week. PGP1 and PGP2 are divided into teams with each team containing a healthy mix of both PGP1 and PGP2. The events are designed so as to increase PGP1 participation and PGP2 motivates and helps the juniors to display their talents. This year the Episode theme is Realms of Time.


Winners : TEAM WHITE – 4D

Runners Up : TEAM BLUE – Hippies


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