Annual Alumni Summer Meets

Alumni Affairs Committee (AAC) held the annual Alumni Summer Meets this year that spanned across 6 cities (Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata) and included TAPMI’s alumni as well as students from the current batch. The meets were held with intent to bring TAPMI’s alumni within these cities to a single platform where they could exchange thoughts about the institute, provide feedback and most of all relive those good old moments at TAPMI with their friends. As always, this year’s summer meets too were filled with a sense of nostalgia.

The first meet to be held was in Bangalore on May 22 and the series of meets concluded with the Mumbai meet held on June 13. The unique aspect of this year’s meets was the presence of TAPMI CEE alumni. One of the major initiatives undertaken this year has been to bring TAPMI CEE alumni into the overall TAPMI alumni fold and we must say that the response received from TAPMI CEE alumni was nothing short of being phenomenal. The Bangalore meet bore witness to this where alumni from our CEE campus were more than willing to engage with TAPMI Manipal in bringing about a real change in the institute and build on its brand image. We sincerely hope to have more alumni from the CEE batches in all future interactions and we would also like to thank the CEE alumni for their positive response to the meets.

The communication efforts for the summer meets held this year included Facebook posts, blog updates, mailers, text messages and rounds of calling. This helped in reaching out to more alumni. And as with any alumni interaction, we did receive feedback to work upon. We hope to receive more feedback in order to better improve our alumni relations and also help TAPMI and its alumni reach greater heights!

We would like to thank all our alumni who participated in the meets and we hope to see them coming in for Homecoming 2010!

–  Alumni Affairs Committee (AAC)


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