Research Seminar on ‘Systems Thinking’

It is essential to tackle the hard task piece by piece; the beauty of systems thinking is that everything is connected – These were some of the thoughts shared by Dr. Arun Abraham Elias, director of Victoria Management School, Wellington, New Zealand who delivered a research seminar on ‘Systems thinking’ on 23 June 2010 in TAPMI.

Dr. Arun explained his views through three different cases, dealing with the socioeconomic issues in New Zealand. He defined the stakeholders through the definitions given by Edward Freeman and Clarkson in 1984 and 1994 respectively. He explained the role of stakeholders in an organization and used stakeholder analysis for an efficient structuring of the problem.

He also talked about the stakeholders’ typology and mentioned how Power, Legitimacy and Urgency can be three vital parameters to classify the different roles played by the stakeholders in an organization.

He explained the concepts of Causal loop model to study the problem of Residential Energy Efficiency in New Zealand and also presented his expert views on qualitative analysis of the same.

Dr. Arun concluded asserting that the inclination of the researchers towards adapting either of the two, qualitative and quantitative, methods for problem solving has been a hindrance for the development of a holistic view towards the problem and hence the researchers should make the best use of both the methods in order to study a problem even more efficiently.

– Research Committee


One thought on “Research Seminar on ‘Systems Thinking’

  1. The Seminar coupled with discussion on three New Zealand cases were very interesting and thought provoking. I wish that more and more such application oriented knowledge exercises forthcome in our Series.

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