TAPMI Alumni Meet – London

TAPMI Alumni Meet - London - May 2010

It was a usual – dull, dark and wet day in London. But in a small cafe near the historic London Bridge, a group of 20 TAPMI-ans were having an exciting get-together. It was a special occasion as TAPMI-ans from different batches from 1998 to 2007 were gathered together to reminisce about the 2 years spent at TAPMI. There were some old faces and many new faces at the reunion but there were no strangers here. The minute a new face appeared and said the magic words – ” Hi, I am from TAPMI” – he was immediately pulled into the group and the conversation. Topics ranged from various diverse memories of TAPMI and Manipal – Brandscan, Men’s hostel, Gadbad ice cream, Dollop’s, Turtle Bay, Raja, Nutty, Boston tea-party and chill maadi !!! For a few hours, our imagination took us back to TAPMI and Manipal again. Of course it was not all about the past as many of the alumni were there with their spouses and tiny-tots . It was also an occasion to find out what different paths each one of us had taken since leaving the shores of Manipal/ Udupi. It was truly a wonderful experience to meet so many of the TAPMI alumni, so far away from home. Alas! all good things must come to an end but as we left we all hoped to meet again soon and relive two very special years of our lives.

Also see some comments that I received from those who were at the event.

“Had a special time this evening..catching up with Tapmian’s is always a pleasure. Thanks for making this happen and rest of you for making it there. Till we meet again. Cheers !” -Ganesh Mahale

“Thanks for organising the event. It was great to meet all of you.” -Anusha Anandraj

“THANK YOU very much for organizing the same and for uploading the photo’s within a few hours!!!… It was a great turn out and a wonderful Saturday afternoon!!!! “ -Ranjit Shenoy

– Ashwinder Singh Bakshi (Batch 2002-04)


2 thoughts on “TAPMI Alumni Meet – London

  1. Hi London-TAPMIites, I cannot resist the temptation to compliment Ashwinder and his team for the Meet on 8th May. It is a very interesting news that twenty of them could make it all the way to go nostalgic on TAPMI days. I am sure all of them must have reminisced the TAPMI years in all good sense with fun and frolic recollecting memorable incidents in each one’s life – academic and otherwise.

    Ganesh Mahale, Anusha Anandraj and Ranjit Shenoy are still fresh in our memory. I wish each of them keep sharing back their profile, work experiences, career shifts and progression, personal advancement, etc at their convenience. All of them are always welcome to visit us at the new campus any time they travel home-ward; not necessarily for the Home-coming only.

  2. Very nice pictures!

    Ik know there was a Hong Kong meetup planned as well … sure hope it will be as sucessful as the London meetup

    Bina S
    TAPMI 88-90, TAA

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