BrandScan 2010

BrandScan is a unique Market Research fair conducted by the students of TAPMI. In the 17 years of its glorious existence, it has completed 190 projects for various clients making it the largest market research fair by a B- school in India. It has a unique way of eliciting unbiased and natural responses through the use of disguised games. It boasts of a clientele consisting of blue-chip companies from various domains ranging from FMCG, consumer electronics to the automobile industry. Professional guidance and consultations from reputed research agencies like TNS, Market Insight etc has helped BrandScan develop a systematic three-phase research approach.

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During year 2009, projects were undertaken for Hero Honda, Durex, Parle, Perfetti Van Melle,, Wonder La, The Week, Wildcraft, Wildstone, Amul, Fastrack, Denver and Campus Fever.

The USP of BrandScan is that it serves as a platform for both learning and entertainment.  The format of the event is a gala fair with customized events focused on attracting people for conducting research. BrandScan hosts more than 5000 visitors from Manipal, Udupi and other adjoining areas and remains one of the most awaited events of the year for the region.

The 2010 version of it is scheduled on 13th and 14th November and promises to keep the momentum on with fresh minds , energies and ideas.

For more info on projects undertaken , clientèle , corporate speak , highlights,  research and sponsorship opportunities click here

Incase you want to partner and/or associate with the event in any form, kindly mail to or contact: Abhishek @ 99162 15286  / Anup @ 97418 56929

– BrandScan Team (2010-11)


2 thoughts on “BrandScan 2010

  1. My best wishes to the team of BrandScan 2010. Lessons learnt in previous years need to be leveraged to convert this unique platform as a special platform for Marketing Research of its best quality in a B-School in India.

    Meticulous planning, Efficient management, timely communications, professional manner of handling all matters, people management, negotiation skills in all the dealings, cost-effective activities, profit orientation, etc should reflect in the BrandScan 2010 Team delivering the desired results to the Sponsoring Corporates.

  2. Thank You Sir, for your wishes and we will surely keep these things in mind.
    ‘Learning for students, high quality projects for companies and brand building for the institute’ will be our topmost priorities this year.
    For all this we will need your support and guidance at every step. We really hope to utilize your intellectual prowess and widespread corporate networks for making this event a grand success.

    Abhishek Agarwal
    BrandScan 2010

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