TAPMI Pre-Admissions Talks

TAPMI Pre-Admission Talks (PAT) is initiative from senior batch to interact with new joining batch. Although we have Student Guidance Program (SAG), Facebook/Orkut User communities, but nothing can replace a face-2-face interaction.

We will be organizing these talks in various cities across India where the students are doing their MIP (summer internship).  Please find schedule of this year’s Pre-Admission Talks

1. City : Ahmedabad
Venue:  Café Coffee day, 2nd floor, Kshitij Mall, Gulmohar Park, Satellite
Date: 9th May
Time: 5 PM onwards
City Coordinator: Kunal (#9662898001)
2. City : Bangalore
Venue: Food Court, Forum Mall, Koramangla
Date: 9th May
Time: 4 PM onwards
City Coordinator: Bharat G (#9886498013)
3. City : Chennai
Venue: Food Court : Ascendas IT Park,Tharamani,Near Old Mahabalipuram Road
Landmark : Tidal Park
Date: 9th May
Time: 6.30 PM onwards
City Coordinator: Gaurav Mathur (#9379746248)
4. City :  Hyderabad
Venue: Eat Street, Necklace road, Secunderabad
Date: 9th May
Time: 5.30 PM onwards
City Coordinator: Ankur (#8978311461)
5. City :  Indore
Venue: Café Coffee day, Treasure Island Mall, MG Road
Date: 9th May
Time: 6.00 PM onwards
City Coordinator: Anand Agarwal (#8878650775)
6. City :  Delhi
Venue: Cafe Coffee Day, CP Outer Circle, Opp Janpath
Date:  15th May
Time: 5.00 PM onwards
City Coordinator: Dr. Daraspreet (#9958628443)
7. City :  Mumbai
Venue: Café Coffee day,3 & 4 Ground  Floor, Jeel Darshan,Opp Powai Lake
Date: 9th May
Time: 5.30 PM onwards
City Coordinator: Ajay (#9741857036)
8. City : Jamshedpur
Venue: Jublee Park, In front of TATA statue
Date: 9th May
Time: 5 PM onwards
City Coordinator: Sumit Saurabh (#9945799929)
9. City : Ludhiana
Venue: Café Coffee day, Kipps Market, Ludhiana
Date: 9th May
Time: 5.30 PM onwards
City Coordinator: Dr. Daraspreet (#7696683583)
10. City : Calicut
Venue: TBD
Date: 15/16th May
Time: TBD
City Coordinator: Rahul K George (# 8089400330)
11. City : Vizag
Venue: Bagles
Date:  15/16th May
Time: 5.00 PM onwards
City Coordinator: Vamsi (#9886310990)
12. City : Pune
Venue: Barista MG road
Date:  10th May
Time: 7.45 PM -8.45 PM
City Coordinator: Varun Narula (# 9370255113 , call after 6 PM only)

If you plan to attend any of these talks, Please fill this form( register only if you are serious and will attend finally) –



Batch 2009-11


4 thoughts on “TAPMI Pre-Admissions Talks

  1. Thanks to Mumbai Guys who attended the meet today evening. We hope it proved to be useful and handy in getting more of TAPMI insights. Thanks to Ashwin and Ruchi as well to spare the time for interacting with the joining batch.

  2. It is an excellent initiative from the Goodwill Ambassadors of TAPMI. I wish each one of the volunteers, all the best. If only we could have planned it earlier, we could have also provided some standard literature of kit so that uniform information could be shared by all the members across the country. We need to observe high standards and not take chances of approximations or guessing or individual opinions or imaginations.

    In particular, even after having met all the Faculty Members during GD/PIs at various centres, I have been reading a host of questions / doubts / apprehensions by some candidates (students to be) about different programs, elective courses, fees, facilities, faculty members, life in and off campus, placements, and so on. It is advisable that we compile all these queries and upload standard responses as additional FAQs to avoid any sort of ambiguity. Good Luck to all.

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