Going down the memory lane

Faculty-Alumni @ Mumbai and Bangalore

We could not have asked for a better occasion to travel back into time!! It was the Alumni-Faculty get-together, as they met to share their memories from the past and also the changes that have happened in TAPMI over the years. We students managed to arrange such a get-together at two locations, Mumbai on (17th April 2010) and Bangalore (on 24th April 2010).

Planned at a very short notice, the Mumbai’s Faculty and Alumni Dinner got an enthusiastic response. The venue was finalized and invitations were sent just a day before but still a total of 44 heads were present at the event. And the presence of four of our senior Alumni of the ‘89 and ‘90 batches was an icing on the cake. It is not every day that we get to meet a financial wizard who rather ‘would not be interested in a deal anything less than 2000 crores’. The astonishing part of ‘89 batch turnout was the bonhomie they still shared after 20 years of graduation from TAPMI. It was quite amazing to know that they are still very much aware of the whereabouts of their fellow batch mates. The event started with a short introduction by each of the Alumni and faculty members present. In fact the way introductions were done was indeed a lot of fun. Now we know what to do if we get those ‘nasty’ calls from a Bank’s credit cards department; we just need to remember our dear alumnus managing the business units there and take the cards! An alumnus working for Perfetti Van Melle was sweet enough to bring a jar of the Perfetti chocolates. A lot of novel ideas came up while the discussions went on with the Alumni. Everyone was very appreciative of the values which TAPMIans bring with them. It became a really memorable occasion, when the members together took the pledge to take TAPMI to new heights, with a resounding ‘Yes, We Can’.

The get-together at Bangalore was significant in a way, with the presence of over 30 members including the Executive-PGDM alumni. The occasion was kicked off with a short video presentation on life at TAPMI’s new campus. It was followed by a short introduction by each of the alumni and the faculty members present. The faculty briefed about the various initiatives taken up by the institute this year, followed by handing copies of Update 2010 and brochures to the alumni. The gathering then dispersed for High tea and an informal interaction ensued. It was an occasion to remember as alumni shared with the students about industry requirements and provided inputs as to how they can excel in their own interest areas. We also got a chance to explore through our conversations with CEE alumni as to how different an executive PGDM course was when compared to our regular full time course.

We eagerly look forward to meeting all the alumni at the Summer Hues this year. TAPMI invites all alumni for the annual meets ‘Summer Hues‘, held in various cities across India. ‘Summer Hues 2010’ is scheduled for the 22nd of May in Bangalore and the 13th of June in Mumbai. The detailed announcement and dates for other cities will be communicated by our Alumni Affairs Committee soon.

– Media and Public Relations Group


4 thoughts on “Going down the memory lane

  1. Dear TAPMIans, I feel extremely happy that TAPMI website and TAPMI Blog are going dynamic day by day. Yes, we need to upload with rich data and exchange of views and developments on a real-time basis. We have got to network with our proud Alumni located world-wide.

    Do you know that there is an Alumni Meet in London on May 8th? Yes, Ashwinder is organising the event. Please get in touch with him and upload the news and photographs in the blog, website and FB, LinkedIn and every possible platform possible.

    TAPMIans (Faculty included) should be making noise all over – in the Academic / Research arena, Corporate World, Management Education space and in the net-tech domains too. Let us take the Flag higher and higher; only then the slogan at Mumbai Meet given by Alumni “Yes, We Can” will come true.

    PGP-2009-11 students are making best of efforts to organise the Summer Hues at Delhi during last week of May. TAPMI would be associating with Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES) of Manipal University for conducting a high profile event on May 28 at India International Centre, Max Muller Marg. Hoping that as many Alumni connected with European Companies / Countries would join on that day.

    My best wishes – CP@Manipal

  2. Dear fellow TAPMIans

    Its a no-brainer that meeting TAPMIans is always a pleasure and a trip down memory lane. But what was more encouraging to see on 17th April was that people came at such short notice and interaction with faculty was no holds barred. The latter gives an impression that folks back at TAPMI are realising that as much as it is true that Alumni need to contribute actively to the growth of TAPMI and its brand image, it is also imperative that the existing batch at TAPMI and the faculty (in particular) actively need to meet, interact and solicit participation from Alumni. Participation need not be only in the form of placements, it could be a guest lecture ( harping on the rich industry experience) or batch specific Alumnni meets at the new campus.

    Looking forth to more engaging moments with fellow TAPMIans and actively contributing to TAPMI’s growth.

    Warm regards

    Shashi Bilgi
    Batch 2004

  3. Remember or heard the clipping of our Director speaking in Mumbai meet? TAPMI though is over 25 years old top-ranking B-School, is under-valued. We have been very docile, humble and simple all these years for some obvious reasons. We need to leverage on the changed environment, new campus, strong alumni base, etc.

    We have since shifted to a modern, high-profile, wi-fi, residential, own campus now. Large number of dignitaries are frequently visiting the campus and appreciating in recent months. We recorded 100% placements this year. We are proposing increase in our intake and adding new programs. We were the first in the country to offer an e-Governance program. We are among the first to go for the best international accreditation by AACSB.

    Our Alumni have been bonding with the Alma-mater quite frequently for various reasons. Alumni meets are an indication for the changes. UPDATE 2010 released on the Convocation Day gives an account of several developments. So also, our rankings and website information on almost on real time basis.

    Can we (all TAPMIans – Faculty, Students and Alumni) not be more aggressive, competitive, cohesive and collaborative to come together in making TAPMI as a high BRAND in the coming years? As we promised in Mumbai, “Yes, We Can”. Let us do it.

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