Interface 2010

‘Interface’ is TAPMI’s annual magazine that captures memories which has made MBA at TAPMI not just a matter of pure academics but unlimited fun and joy as well. This year’s Interface magazine seeks to make you live what the 2008-10 batch has lived with for almost 2 years. The compilation in this magazine will surely bring back traces of nostalgia from those good old days – life @ tapmi on paper!

– Literary Committee


5 thoughts on “Interface 2010

  1. Another novel and innovative idea from TAPMIans to upload the Interface 2010 in and then link it to the TAPMI Blog. Now the magazine is in the public domain to disseminate to the whole world about all the acts of the batch 2008-10 on and off the campus. What an honest confession by the batch? But, where is the Director’s Message page? I wish each one of the batch the very best.

    • Dear Sir, Certain pages like those having Batch Contacts have been advertently kept out of public domain for obvious reasons. Director’s Page was giving some technical glitch , we will add it in due course. These are the reasons because of which we have also disabled the download option for the document.

  2. Hah hah hah…Honest confessions occur IRL, rarely in print – or even e-print 😉

    What strikes all of us 80s and 90s era TAPMIans is the Absolut Change we see – your 2000s batches as compared to our 80s / 90s bathces. Sea-change.

    Bina S
    TAPMI 1988-90, TAA

  3. Bina , Would be great if you can put forward the differences you observe. Hope it is for good. Any arena where we need to improve on?

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