‘Entrepreneurship is a process, not an event’

Mr.Manish Sabharwal at the TAPMI Leadership Lecture Series
Mr.Manish Sabharwal at the TAPMI Leadership Lecture Series

Mr.Manish Sabharwal, a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of TeamLease Services, delivered a lecture on ‘Entrepreneurship as a career’ to the students of TAPMI on the 2nd of April 2010. Mr.Manish Sabharwal is an MBA from Wharton and had co-founded companies like IndiaLife, ICap India and India Insure Risk Management. This lecture marked the third edition of the Silver Jubilee Leadership Lecture Series.

Dr. Ramdas M. Pai (Chancellor, Manipal University), Dr. Simon George (Dean-Academics, TAPMI), Dr. Saji Gopinath (Director, TAPMI) were present on the occasion along with students and faculty of TAPMI.

Prior to the commencement of the talk, an awards function was held to recognise the academic achievements of students. Mr.Sabharwal gave away the following awards to the students:

  • Dr.A.S.Iyer award to the best finance student- Mr.Vivek Didwania, PGDM 2008-10
  • Dr.S.Dhandapani award for first rank in PGDM- Mr.Vivek Didwania, PGDM 2008-10
  • Prashant Kulkarni award for best MIP- Mr.Muthusubramanian, PGDM 2008-10
  • Jaspreet Sebastian award for achievements in 1st year–Ms.Kanika Gupta,PGDM-2009-11
  • The Top 3 Brandscan 2009 projects were also awarded:
    • 1st – Mr.Tuhin Guha and team for shaadi.com
    • 2nd – Mr.Tanmoy Sarkar and team for Wildstone
    • 3rd – Mr.R.Srikanth and team for GCMMF(Amul)

The second issue of TAPMI’s Research newsletter was also released by the guest speaker. Mr.Sabharwal in his talk took the audience through his initial experiences as an entrepreneur. He mentioned that there were no golden rules in entrepreneurship. He emphasized that entrepreneurship is not about a brilliant idea, but about a commitment and determination to see the existing mechanisms with new eyes, and pursuing your dream.

He also viewed the allocation of resources such as capital and human resource as an important decision for an entrepreneur. He said, “Money should be spent as little and as late as you can, whereas a good team has to be chosen as early as you can”. He pointed out that as an entrepreneur, one should value diversity in a team, since different skills are required at different phases of business.

He then explained the scenario of entrepreneurship in India, where India can be seen as a market base or a production base. He concluded his talk by suggesting to the students to take a long term view of money and life and to consider entrepreneurship as a viable alternative after graduation.  He later answered the queries raised by the students on social entrepreneurship, challenges for entrepreneurs in India and learning entrepreneurial lessons from both success and failure.

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One thought on “‘Entrepreneurship is a process, not an event’

  1. Hearty congratulations to the Batch 2008-10; the winners viz., Vivek, Muthu, Tuhin, Tanmay,Srikanth and Kanika (2009-11). Though I missed the event on 2nd due to Airport duty receiving the Minister at Mangalore Airport, I could catch up with the contents/photo of the Speaker – Manish. Good work by MIRC and Bloggers group.

    Rightly said, Entrepreneurshp is a process; when and how it triggers any individual with an idea and how it is nurtured is unique to each of them. Instead of speaking from theories and text books, successful entrepreneurs (with rich academic background) sharing their live experiences and kindling interest among the budding management graduates is laudable. We have so many such brilliant examples around. One of the guests I met yesterday after the lecture was Mr Chenraj Jain from Bangalore. I wish that TAPMI Blog could cover a series of entrepreneurs every week – I am willing to provide information from my own sources. There are books on my desk too. Please make use of them to spread the message on Entrepreneurship so that as many students from TAPMI would take up.

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