Prof.Yash Pal in TAPMI

Prof.Yash Pal at the 27th T.A.Pai Memorial Lecture

On 15th March, the PGDM students at TAPMI got an opportunity to interact with Padma Bhushan Prof.Yash Pal in our classroom. It was a great feeling to listen to a veteran in the field of science and education. While listening to his talk, we were virtually transformed into a bunch of kids listening eagerly to grandfather’s experiences.

The professor recalled the points he had made in the past in a talk organized by the Ahmedabad Management Association on the topic “Control, meandering and streaming in a passionate management system”. He had broken the topic into different parts based on the title. He said, “By control – I don’t mean to sit and pass orders like a boss but essentially a control system which controls itself if feedback is proper. In an organization, one should set proper feedback loops which make control easier.” He quoted sun as an example – whose main purpose is to manufacture new elements (like Helium, Carbon, etc) Sun has an excellent feedback system. Whenever temperature raises a bit the rate of reaction in the sun increases. This increases the internal pressure, as the pressure raises it cools down – thus reducing the rate of reaction. The sun has been shining like this for billions of years because of a proper feedback.

Next came, meandering, he said that management by objectives (MBO) is an important topic taught to all management students. But, objectives get modified as we move ahead. One can learn and apply all techniques like PERT, make a road, start on it, but does not have to stay on the road always. On the way he may find flowers by the side of the road, he should go to them and then he would get new ideas. In the professor’s opinion, there is nothing great in achieving what we want to achieve but real success is when you achieve something new. This can happen only if we meander. But we should always come back to the road, not get lost in gathering the flowers!!

In science, streaming is movement of fluid without obstacles. Similarly in management, it means to get all participants to see a beautiful image of where they need to go. Streaming in a passionate management system meant that all the participants should like the work they are involved in.

Prof.Yash Pal narrated how he and his colleagues came together to set up the first satellite-based direct television broadcast in India and how the project was a success despite the absence of a formal project report!

The professor also elaborated on the present state of Indian education and how it should allow students to meander to invent new things and encouraged the students to explore new areas. We were particularly amazed at the way the Professor brought out the similarities in science and management.

In the evening, the students got a second chance to listen to Prof.Yash Pal’s talk on “Education for future” at the 27th T.A.Pai Memorial Lecture.

– Media and Industry Relations Committee