Unanswered Questions

Why do shadows grow so large when we walk away from light?
Why do we torture those who themselves are in plight?
Why do we fight for freedom which God has given us free?
Why do we become blind when we have eyes to see?
Why do we always  bleed those who love the best?
Why do we try to please those who stand the rest?
Why do we think life as often full of sorrow?
And really miss the happiness which seldom comes and go?
Why do we have to lie which make us feel proud?
And not reveal the simple truths which we can say aloud?
Why can't we really listen and not intend to hear?
Why can't we feel the heart and rather shed a tear?
How can children really laugh and mock the smile we share?
Why can't they all be alike and be of equal care?
I have thought it real deep but could not find a clue
Please do think and let me know if you feel it's true.

– Subhashis Biswas (Batch 2009-11)