Behavioral Risks Mitigation, Client Vendor Relationship and Success Of Offshore Software Development

Risk, relationship and success – that’s how Prof.Saji K Mathews, a distinguished faculty started off in a seminar on “BEHAVIORAL RISKS MITIGATION, CLIENT VENDOR RELATIONSHIP AND SUCCESS OF OFFSHORE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT” organized by the Research Committee. In his study, he tried to show the role the relationship played in risk mitigation of off-shore software development. The topic was discussed extensively with many questions asked from faculty as well as students as it was a topic of interest and dealt mainly with IT-Sourcing and India being a major IT-outsourcing hub. The seminar was attended not only by the faculty members at TAPMI but also by faculty members at Manipal Institute of Management and TAPMI-CEE-Bangalore through video conferencing facility. The primary objective of this seminar was to share knowledge among students about the various research activities carried out by distinguished faculty members at TAPMI.

The professor also discussed the methodology of research as well as other dimensions which led to such a research such as categories of risk, success of IT-strategy and survey administration. He also discussed various tools such as SEM and PLS used to analyze his research work which gave students insights into various other open source tools available for data analysis other than SPSS.

The professor’s work was acknowledged by the Research Committee in the form of a memento which was presented to him by Dr.Gururaj Kidiyoor.

– Research Committee