Well, this is a story of a seed who always thought that the world out there is too tough for him. He just wanted to stay back inside the earth and escape from the wrath of the sun and arrogance of the rain. He always used to think, “Why do other seeds need to go out and face the troubles. Why don’t they just enjoy the nice, moist and safe ‘home’ under the earth?” and as it can safely be concluded this seed was spending his time with leisure and a sense of security inside.

But one fortunate day the seed bored of his monotonous life thought about visiting his old seed-friends who have left their homes long ago. So he just peeped out of earth and looked around to search his neighborhood friends. To his astonishment his friends were no longer a seed. They have grown into giant trees laden with leaves and fruits. On branch of one of his friend there was a swing on which a little girl was sitting. And near another one he saw a group of people worshipping the seed now converted into a tree. All his friends seemed to be happy. Though there body showed the marks which time’s nails have drawn but still they seemed content and satisfied. The seed now got a shiver down his spine. He realized that he has wasted so many years of his life just leading an aimless life. He felt as if something inside him is cursing him for not having the courage to step out and show the world that even he can achieve his goal. The seed seemed to have lost.

But it wasn’t true. After all, all seeds are meant to become huge trees some day or the other. So this seed too, one fine day broke out from the heart of the earth and started moving towards its goal. Now he was not afraid of the sun, the rains and the wind.  He knew it wasn’t going to be easy but now he can see his goal and was determined to achieve it.

I had spent 22 years of my life with my parents in Bhopal. Frankly speaking I was quite satisfied with the kind of life I was having. Friends, bikes, parties, street fights and one night studies seemed to be perfect recipe for a happy and pleasurable life. On top of that the support and the love of parents made home the most comfortable and secure place. I never had to think about the future responsibilities or had any worries. I never felt it but maybe I was too scared to compete.  But then as destiny would have it I joined a coaching class for CAT and then the turnaround came. To cut the long story short I came to Tapmi, Manipal.

The best thing about dreams is that once you start seeing a dream it goes on increasing its size on its own. But, the biggest trouble with the dreams is that they are over dependent on the person who sees them. They never become a reality on their own. People are not afraid of dreaming big but they don’t know what to do with it. ‘They never realize that, every dream has a price that is proportional to its size.’

Neither the seed understood it or me.

Tapmi is a colorful dream. You have the sky which shows you multiple shades of blue from dark to light. Then there is the rain washed greens with transparent dew drops on them which soothes your eyes and comforts your soul. The boy’s hostel is the show-off red while the girl’s hostel is the mysterious purple. The classes start with the yellowness of sunlight and end as the sun goes orange. And amidst of this colorful landscape you begin your 2 year long stint with destiny.

As I said every dream has a cost. And a dream as big as Tapmi will have even bigger cost. The day starts at 9.00 am and just goes on till eternity. Yes I agree that classes continue till 5.00 pm but the day doesn’t end there. You get back to your room with a huge bag full of cases and pre reads. You fall down on your bed thinking that you will do it in night but then you realize that there is this ‘compulsory attendance’ meeting at night which will eat your night time as well. So finally you end up studying at the wee hours of the night awake like a nocturnal creature. You begin to wait for Sundays like kids waiting for Christmas. But the tough part is we don’t have Santa Clause for the gifts else we would have asked him to solve the ‘DASHMAN case’ or the ‘UHURU CANDLE’ one. But wait, this is not all about Tapmi. The biggest irony of a Tapmian’s life is that he never has enough time to study but has a lot of time for partying. Tapmians loves to shake their legs on the dance floor. Life is different here. Much faster than what you are used to and much more complex than what you can comprehend.

Sometimes when you are alone in the hostel room, exhausted and irritated by this hectic schedule you feel nostalgic. Your mind stops working and the weaker side of you takes over. It’s the time when drops of rains no longer please you and the greenery seems to seclude you from the outer world. You feel tired of living a life tied to the clock’s hand.  You hate your rushed through breakfasts and lunches. You don’t want to get up in the morning and want to sleep early in the night. You think about breaking the golden cage and fly back to home. Everything becomes meaningless and you curse yourself for coming out of your comfort zone, your home to face this tough life. You get lonely. You just want to quit…

But then, you realize, every DREAM has a price and, as I said before, every SEED is destined to become a huge tree some day or the other…… provided he has the courage to do it….isn’t it???

– Abhishek Agarwal (Batch 2009-11)


One thought on ““THE SEED, TREE AND ME”

  1. I agree with u abhishek….my brother always keeps telling me that ” every success in life has a price tag attached to it”…u can get the success only if u can afford the price!!

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