The Crazy Bikers’ Cook Book

While everybody who knows us knows that bikes are what make us tick, there is something about bikers which even most of us don’t realize. The fact is that all of us crazy two-wheeled nut-heads are avid gourmets of ‘good’ food.

Now one reason why I used the word good within quotes is because it signifies the best (read tastiest) available option available at that time and place. From vada-paos to Italian pizzas, there is nothing that we relish more after a hard, long ride than a healthy serving of sumptuous cuisine.

Imagine this – a foggy winter morning; you on your steed, wrapped up in expensive armor; knee teasing the tarmac and right wrist getting itchy to twist as the corner starts opening up; eyes moving faster than the bike to trace the apex and the line. Well, this is a typical Sunday morning ride session for me and my club-mates.  Now what do I urge for the most once the helmet is off and the gear is zipped open? A hot cup of chai and piping hot bhajiyas to go along with it.  Ask the tapri fellow at Lavasa about our never ending blabber about bikes and appetite for his delicacies. Economically speaking, we do more in one day for his monthly income than he does in a whole week.  Toasts with omelets, vadas and the works – absolutely nothing is spared (I’m suddenly hungry again!).

If I rewind my memory back to a couple of rides we have done to the coastal areas, I can remember my whole gang of monsters attacking the fried fish being served as if tomorrow was 2012 and the world was gonna go kaboom! And I would specially like to mention certain gentlemen who refused to eat sea-food, that is until the lunch was served. What followed was the most vicious attack on the fish platter ever witnessed by any restaurant fellow.   To down all that fish and prawn curry, we gulped down umpteen amounts of soul-curry. The snores that followed the lunch were louder than a V-max with a free-flow exhaust.

But life hasn’t been kind to us all the time. I still remember the ride to Mahabaleshwar where the seemingly innocent lunch did not turn out to be so innocuous after all. Back to pune, and the next day half of us went down with a mis-aligned stomach (ignore the mechie language please). After a lot of ‘brainstorming’ and intellectual thinking, we zeroed in on the culprit. Yes, it was a highly recommended glass of Mango Lassi which did the trick.

So do we cook or are we on just this side of the food chain? Surprisingly, we DO cook. Yes, Rubber Ripperz organizes highly covert Bar-be-que parties at one of the member’s farmhouse occasionally. These parties are highly awaited by all the Ripperz and every new Ripper can feel a part of the brotherhood once he’s attended the bar-be-que. Amazing bar-be-qued delicacies along with a flow of preferred beverages make sure that each n every one present has the time of his life.

So if you are reading this and are a restaurant owner, the next time you see a geared up fellow on a bike carrying the RR logo, look at him as a desirable customer. Because there would be another ten hungry ones following him!

-Varun Narula (Batch 2009-11) 


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