PaGaLGuY meet in Manipal

The first ever PaGaLGuY meet in Manipal, was a resounding success! The PG meet was conducted in TAPMI’s campus. The meet saw participation from students of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) who are interested in pursuing a career in management. What made the meet unique was the attendance of PaGaLGuY executives,. Mr. Rohit Awasthi, Audience Head and Mr. Soumik Ganguly, Head Marketing & Sales, from PaGaLGuY, were on campus as part of Consonance ’09 held at TAPMI. Members of the TAPMI faculty v.i.z., Professor Chowdari Prasad and Professor Sudeep Kumar, were also present for the meet, giving it a faculty perspective and sharing with the students what B-schools expect from candidates.

To make it more holistic, current MBA students of TAPMI were also present to talk about their experiences first-hand. The enthusiastic audience raised a range of questions from Why mba? to how to prepare for entrance exams? to B-school rankings. The two hour meet ended with an informal interaction between the aspirants and TAPMIans. The students left the campus with a clearer picture and more focused approach towards the CAT. Hopefully this meet would enable them to formulate better strategies to “bell the CAT”