NGO Posting during MIP-3

The NGO project which is a part of the PGDM curriculum at TAPMI was one of the most learning experiences for me. It was not surprising to hear similar responses from many of my friends who visited NGOs all over the country for a fortnight.

My 14 days with Mineral Foundation of Goa, an NGO which works for the social and economic development of the people in the mining belt of Goa was a great learning experience. The time spent in the rural parts of Goa during the market survey gave an entirely new picture of Goa, something I had missed even though I have lived there for the past 22 years!!!

I must mention the wonderful work done by Mineral Foundation of Goa for the past few years in Goa. Their dedication for the mission and vision of the Foundation and the reach of their activities are exemplary. But then it was unfortunate to feel the lack of awareness among the urban Goa about the great work done by the NGO.

The NGO experience has made me realise that there is still a long way to go till we achieve the goal of “India Shining” and until and unless we, the youth, the future of India doesn’t sensitize itself to the needs of the Indians … “India Shining” will continue to be a distant dream.


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