TAPMI New Campus

The campus, where the institute is currently housed, is spread over 42 acres and has state-of-the-art facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, a 3-floor library, a fully equipped Computer Centre and spacious hostels all set in the picturesque valley of Badagabettu, Manipal. The institute has invested Rs.60 cores into the development of infrastructure and buildings which cover over 2, 50,000 square feet area at the new campus. Each building in the campus has round-the-clock security along with identity checks at the main gate to ensure trespassers are not let in. TAPMI Greens is a respite to sore eyes. This communal meeting point acts as the perfect location for students to relax and indulge in discussions over the latest news.

The campus transition was a challenging process. A lot of planning and effort went into ensuring that it went smoothly. To oversee this, the Campus Transition Committee was formed consisting of the Class Representatives of all the sections, the Student Body members and representatives from various other committees like Placement Committee and Logistics Committee.

Academic Block
TAPMI Hostels
The Library Building


3 thoughts on “TAPMI New Campus

  1. Hey hriday, sorry for the late relies…The bloog is managed by AAC team to keep alumni updated abt things back in TAPMI..its managed by me kabir tharani batch 2010.. PGP 1 (for only 2 days more)

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