New Committees @ TAPMI


The Operations Forum formed this year is an association of individuals interested in Operations with an academic perspective. Operations had always been a relevant subject. It attains more significance during difficult times like recession when firms search for more efficiency.

The main objectives of this committee are:

· To gain knowledge in Operations by working with likeminded people on a common platform.
· Participating and organizing activities to further our interests in Operations.
· Promote interest in operations and making it as one of the favorite subjects in TAPMI.
· Increasing student – faculty interactions in the field of operations outside the classroom
· Getting more domain knowledge through industry interactions
· Students’ inputs / suggestions in course design of Operations.
· Creating awareness among students regarding various certifications associated with Operation subjects
· Comparison of Course content of other B-schools


Knowledge Committee (K-Com) was one of the new committees formed this year, with an aim to setup and maintain a performance management system for the activities of other student committees and foras.

Their main objectives are:

· To define performance metrics, setting benchmarks and standards, carrying out evaluations and following up.
· To foster effective resource management, reduce wastage, repetition, redundancy
· To foster a sense of professionalism in the conceptualization, planning and operations of the student committees and foras.
· To ensure activities are scheduled in a harmonious and balanced manner such that interest, participation and value derived are maximized.
· To enable the creative capture, codification and transfer of learning, insights, realizations, experiences and feedback from students, on their activities in the respective fora/committees.


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