Homecoming 2009 Once More

Homecoming 2009, held on 24th and 25th January, was bigger than ever. It was the 25th silver Jubilee Year for TAPMI; so Homecoming obviously had special importance attached to it, both for the alumni and the institute. This time we had huge numbers of alumni coming in with a good mix of people from various batches.

We had people from the 1980s as well as recent batches. This homecoming was planned to be a grand, revolutionary event, and our aim was to rebuild and re-establish contact with our distinguished alumni. And that’s why the central theme this year was ‘Change’. The whole two days were designed to ensure that the alumni witnessed and experienced change.
Exciting events and activities were organized like Cultural Evening, Gyaan Sessions with junior batches, Football Match between TAPMI team and Alumni Team and of course the TAPMI’s Biggest Party of the Year – ‘The Alumni Bash’.

The AAC team organized a rock show along with Music-com in the evening, which was a historical one, as we had the first Live Rock Show organized in college for the alumni. This rock show saw some famous bands of Manipal. The exhilarating set up and elating performance by the bands really made the evening one of the most memorable ones in history of TAPMI.
Homecoming was a little different this year as we had some alumni staying with us in the hostels, which helped in more interaction with them. Also, the faculty was very actively involved in the whole event to rebuild and reconstruct the relations with the alumni.

Gyaan Sessiion with Alumni

Football match at Endpoint Ground.

Alumni on stage singing

Choreocom performs for Alumni Cultural evening.


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