Gulab jamuns anyone ?

Prof. Gururaj Kidiyoor’s wit is quite a hit with the batch of 2006-08. This came to the fore recently when Prof. Kidiyoor was conducting a lecture on Sales Negotiations along with Prof. R C Natarajan.

Prof. Kidiyoor was explaining how he came across some gulab jamuns that are made and distributed by Amul (the company that Prof. Natarajan worked in last) for the first time in Udupi a few days earlier. Prof Kidiyoor then asked Prof Natarajan who had left Amul a few years back whether he was aware of the fact that Amul had moved into selling gulab jamuns these days. Prof Natarajan replied that Amul has been selling gulab jamuns for a long time and that he too had distributed gulab jamuns during his tenure in Amul years ago. Without batting an eyelid Prof. Kidiyoor quipped “See Prof Natarajan was distributing these gulab jamuns at that time. Thats why they have taken this many years to reach Udupi stores.” Needless to say the class was roaring in laughter for quite a while.


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