Dionysia 2008

Dionysia-2008 was conducted on 27th January and for the first time at Valley View-Chaitya Hall. There were four teams Face Off, Antardwandh, Masque and Unplugged which represented the four sections of the current batches at TAPMI. The Team Unplugged displayed the two strong and extreme views of life, and the problems generally encountered in the routine in each of the extreme. The Team Masque attempted to show the life of a psycho who is obsessed with guns and killing, and is successful to a great extent. The Team Antardwandh showcased beautifully the classic movie, Casablanca, based on the play “Everybody goes to Rick’s”.

The Team Face Off presented an interesting insight into the world of one building society in Mumbai. Team Face Off thoroughly entertained the audience and the judges and won first place while their performance of Casablanca won Team Antardwandh second place.

A scene from Team Face Off’s performance


One thought on “Dionysia 2008

  1. I am very glad to come across a blog on TAPMI. I was a member of AAF (2005-07) and it was indeed my great pleasure to be able to conduct Dionysia amongst the management students although two of my wishes remained unfulfilled—1. Have a faculty team participate in Dionysia!2. Organize Dionysia in a bigger stage than TAPMI’s mini-audi!!Glad that we got valley View as the venue for this time around… which is quite apt given the amount of hard work that goes into the various plays.Proud to be a TAPMIan

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