India Infoline – Site Manager for B-School section – TAPMI

TAPMI is managing the site for for the month of February 2008. 5 articles will be uploaded for 29 days of the month – showing the intellectual capital at the institute!

This initiative is being promoted and handled by Finance Forum and Editorial Board at the institute.Keeping in mind this unique opportunity, articles have been invited from students and after a screening process, they have been edited and formatted for the website. ‘Diversity’ of topics and ‘interesting contents’ have been kept as a priority for the articles!

The first articles in the series are

‘Invest in the artist, not art!’ – by Sanat Satyan

‘India & Credit Default Swaps’ – by Ashwin Narang

‘Strategies Of Private Equity Players In India’ – by Avadhoot H Sarwate

‘The American Empire’ by Anand Deshpande

Another writeup has been included as a short introduction to the institute”About the Institute”. The link to the website is .Happy reading and do drop in your comments at and


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